Aug 15, 2023

Father's Day Gifts for Dads Who Camp

Father's Day is just around the corner, and if you need ideas for the camp-happy father in your life, look no farther. We've compiled some of our favorites for you.

Some dads are in their element when you get them out to the campsite. They bust out their gear, gadgets, beer, and hatchets and get down to the business of relaxing in nature: chopping wood, building a fire, grilling some dinner, or just lounging around in their favorite camp chair.

Dads love that kind of stuff. It's why, when many of us start considering what to get Dad for Father's Day, our minds immediately turn to outdoor gear. It's functional, it's fun, and it appeals to their sense of adventure and self-reliance. And, there are some really cool, very useful items out there that dads will gush over. So many, in fact, that it can be overwhelming to shop through all of them.

But, that's why you’re here. We’ve compiled some of our favorite camping products for dads who camp. It isn't a comprehensive list, but a distilled one, with a variety of gear, gadgets, and gizmos that will make your father's day.

Camping pants might seem like a basic gift idea. But if you find the right pair of pants, it might just be the gift that he wears around camp the most. And the Switchback Pants from KUIU bring everything to the table a dad could want from a pair of outdoor pants.

They’re made with DWR-treated water-, stain-, and wind-resistant material, secure thigh pockets, a reinforced right-hand knife feature, articulated knees, and an action gusset. Plus, they just look really good.

Camp Chef is stepping up the camp cooking game with its powerful gas-fired stoves and grills. The Explorer 14 is the perfect gift for a dad who likes to get their grill on — or who likes to cook breakfast, sear steaks, or bake pizzas. This is an extremely versatile grill thanks to the host of modular accessories Camp Chef makes for it.

You can throw the grill box on and convert the Explorer 14 into a lidded gas grill you can open and close. Or throw on the artisan pizza oven and start cranking out the camp pies. For the grill master dad who gets fired up about camp cooking, this is an ideal setup.

Great for hiking, great for fishing, great for driving, the Bajío Vega sunglasses are an ideal dad item. Their high-coverage 8-base wrap design is made with a bio-based frame.

The lenses are polarized and color-enhancing with Bajío's proprietary blue light-blocking LAPIS technology. You can order them with polycarbonate or glass lenses — either way, they’ll block 90% of harsh yellow light, 95% of bad blue light, and 100% of UV light. Protect Dad's peepers with this slick pair of shades he’ll be proud to sport all over the campsite.

Every camping dad needs a good camping hatchet. And the hatchets made by Gransfors Bruk are hands down some of the best in the world. The heads are all hand-forged in Sweden, and the handles are shaped ergonomically to deliver the most power with the least amount of energy.

The Wildlife scouting hatchet from Gransfors Bruk is perfect for the campsite — whether it's being used to chop wood, fell small trees, delimb, or segment tree trunks. Get the old man one of these and he won't just look like an authentic woodsman, but he’ll feel like one too. These hatchets are beautiful tools, and they will last him a lifetime of camping trips.

If your dad enjoys waking up in the woods to a delicious cup of coffee, the AeroPress Coffee maker is going to be his best friend. It's easy to use, simple to clean, makes a fast cup o’ joe, and (in the humble opinion of this author) it tastes better than instant, drip, or French press coffee. This nifty little java gadget will quickly become part of his daily camping ritual.

Even dads who love to rough it can appreciate being comfortable — especially when it means getting a better night's sleep. EXPED has been making killer sleeping pads and mattresses since 1999. It's invested tons of resources into research surrounding heat transfer and the thermo-regulating qualities of its products. The result is a sleeping system that is among the most comfortable and highest quality on the market.

EXPED's Ultra line of mats is a perfect example. These lightweight, packable sleeping mats are easy to fill up, and most importantly, they’re comfortable. The series comes rated for different temperature uses as well (similar to sleeping bags). For backpackers or car campers, our tester said this sleeping pad is a very solid choice.

Our tester called this the first auto knife he's ever loved. And trust me when I tell you, that editor has tested a lot of auto knives over the years. This slick little pocket blade snaps open at the press of a button and locks securely in place — both open and closed. It's a no-frills tool made for function over form.

The S35VN steel blade doesn't corrode, will resist chipping, and holds an edge longer than it feels like it should. Its aluminum machined handle is comfortable and grips well. If the dad in your life is in need of a new pocket knife, look no further.

The Big Agnes diamond was made for campers who like comfort. The 600-fill down bag comes in 30-, 15-, and 0-degree versions. It has a "pillow barn" to keep your pillow in place while you sleep, as well as a trademark Flex Pad Sleeve to keep your sleeping mat under you all night. It can be unzipped at the bottom to stick your feet out, or along one side to use the detachable camp blanket.

And this bag is roomy, too. With an 80-inch span across the top, broader-shouldered, larger individuals will feel comfortably catered to.

Flashlights are a classic dad tool. So, why not get him one that will light up the night like it's daytime, can be fully submerged underwater, and can provide over 350 hours of continuous light? Cascade Mountain Tech has just the flashlight.

The IPX8 is 1,000 lumens, can reach up to 722 feet in distance, and is totally waterproof by design. It's also incredibly durable. Cascade Mountain Tech uses a steel core under the polycarbonate handle, increasing its shock resistance. And, it's small enough it can easily be stowed in a glove compartment or a hiking backpack.

Father's Day is June 21. Whether the outdoorsman in your life loves camping, hiking, running, or BBQing, we found the best gifts for dad. Read more…

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