Jul 03, 2023

Kenyan Graduate Invents Shoes That Play Music & Have Flashlight

A graduate from Kisumu City on Tuesday, June 6, unveiled his new invention, a pair of shoes able to play music and other audio-based media content.

The pair was developed by a 22-year-old youth from Kisumu, who also demonstrated on their functionalities.

Speaking to Citizen TV, the young man explained that the shoe, named "Soles of Joy", was meant to open up new opportunities for many people in the country.

Among its unique features were the abilities to play music, massage feet through vibrations and host a flashlight.

"The Soles of Joy shoe has a built-in speaker and a massage function. The speaker can be used to play music or audiobooks while the massage function can be used to relieve foot pain," he explained.

The inventor revealed that he was inspired to develop the shoe after seeing people struggle to walk due to arthritis among other challenges.

He, therefore, wanted to create a comfortable and enjoyable shoe for individuals dealing with foot pain.

The shoe is also made with a soft, cushioned insole that provides extra comfort to users while walking over short or long distances.

The electronics graduate is, therefore, seeking funding to mass-produce the Soles of Joy shoe for the global market.

Kisumu is known for producing cutting-edge innovations, which of which are developed by young people who are either studying or working in various sectors.

In 2017, a group of girls developed a solar-powered water pump to help farmers irrigate their crops.

The pump was made from recycled materials and cost only Ksh10,000 to build. It has helped to increase crop yields and improve food security in the community.

The girls also revealed that they were working to develop new ways to use technology to improve education, healthcare, and economic opportunities for girls and women.

It was reported that they were working to raise awareness about gender equality and to challenge stereotypes about girls and women.

President William Ruto on December 12, 2022, encouraged the youth to be innovative and to use their creativity to solve problems in Kenya.

He has noted that Kenya needs more young people who are willing to think outside the box and come up with new ideas.

"The future of Kenya depends on the creativity and innovation of its youth. We need young people who are not afraid to take risks and who are willing to try new things. We need young people who are not afraid to fail, because failure is a part of the learning process," President Ruto stated.

Ruto also assured that the government is committed to supporting young entrepreneurs and innovators. He has announced a number of initiatives to help young people start their own businesses and to develop new technologies.

"Be innovative, be creative, and be bold. Kenya needs you to build the future," Ruto told the youth working in the digital space.