Oct 26, 2023

OLIGHT Seeker 4 Mini: My new favorite dual

If you’re in the market for a new EDC flashlight, then the OLIGHT Seeker 4 Mini could be just the ticket. Now available for purchase, the Seeker 4 Mini is an update to one of the brand's more popular lines and includes a few new features and upgrades that make this my go-to now when I leave the house. Combining both a 1,200-lumen main LED light and a UV light in one compact housing, the all-new Seeker 4 Mini is a solid launch from OLIGHT with a respectable price, and is also on sale 30% off for its launch. Keep reading to find out more about the OLIGHT Seeker 4 Mini and why it's become my new go-to EDC flashlight.

Coming in as one of the more compact flashlights from OLIGHT, the Seeker 4 Mini has a lot to offer. This might not be the most bright OLIGHT on the market, but I’d venture to say this is one of the most feature-packed models in such a compact form-factor, especially within the typically larger Seeker lineup.

The integrated 1,100mAh 18650 battery is designed to last up to 12 days of usage at its dimmest brightness at two lumens. For full disclosure, though, you’ll probably end up getting closer to five hours of use per charge at the medium brightness, which is 120 lumens. However, the flashlight can go up to 1,200 lumens in turbo mode, which lasts for three minutes at 1,200 lumens, then 41 minutes at 600 lumens, then falls to 120 lumens for another 25 minutes. In all, this is plenty of brightness for just about any situation, and you’ll not need to be at 1,200 lumens long in most scenarios. Then, on the UV side of things, the OLIGHT Seeker 4 Mini can last up to 95 minutes per charge, which outputs 365nm light at 760mW.

I’ve long been an OLIGHT fan and now have several flashlights from the company. With brightnesses ranging up to 2,500 lumens with the Baton 3 Max we reviewed earlier this year, I’ve actually found myself gravitating toward the smaller lights more often than not. Sure, sometimes ultra-bright flashlights are nice to have (and I do grab them from time to time), something smaller that's easier to slip in the pocket is often more useful. In that regard, I’ve found the Seeker 4 Mini from OLIGHT to be one of my favorite flashlight releases from the brand as of late. And, like you’d expect, this flashlight uses the same magnetic charging base that you’ve come to know and love from OLIGHT.

And, the Seeker 4 Mini actually packs a pretty big punch for its small self. Lately, I’ve been carrying either the Baton 3 Pro or the S2R Baton II, which top out at 1,500 and 1,150 lumens respectively. Comparing the Seeker 4 Mini to either flashlight, the latest release from OLIGHT is the smallest by far. And, that's pretty surprising considering the S2R Baton II outputs 1,150 lumens to the 1,200 that the Seeker 4 Mini delivers. Now, the Seeker 4 Mini is a bit wider than the others, but still, it's pretty small considering it's a dual-source bright flashlight.

Even with the smaller build, I’ve found that the Seeker 4 Mini is extremely easy to hold in the hand. OLIGHT put some nice grooves on the side which makes tripping it easy, and honestly, can be a little more comfortable than the typical stippling that you’ll find on many of the flashlights from the brand. Also, the shorter length of the Seeker 4 Mini has made it my favorite light so far for clipping to a hat. This is actually something I do quite often. With the dual clips found on OLIGHT flashlights, you can not only attach them to pockets or other things but also hats with relative ease. And, most of the flashlights I have from OLIGHT will typically hit my forehead when clipped to a hat. While that's never stopped me from doing it (several hundred lumens of brightness aimed where my eyes are is pretty nice), it's never been the most comfortable. One of my favorite things about the Seeker 4 Mini, thanks to its compact size, is that it doesn't run into my forehead when mounted to a hat.

Now, for the reason the OLIGHT Seeker 4 Mini will become my personal everyday carry flashlight: dual-source lighting in a small form factor. I’ve already gone over how small, yet powerful, the flashlight is. But, the dual-source nature is why it’ll become my everyday flashlight. Sometimes, you just need a UV light. Wanting to check that a hotel room is actually clean? UV light. Looking for stains from pets? UV light. Working on the car and trying to find the leak in your AC system? UV light. Out antique shopping and trying to find some uranium glass? UV light. UV lights have numerous uses, so having that built into the Seeker 4 Mini makes it much more useful as an EDC flashlight than having to carry two separate units.

In actually using the Seeker 4 Mini, the interface is pretty simple to work with. A single press of the flashlight's metal side button will get you into the standard lighting mode. You can then click and hold to cycle through low, medium, and high brightness. A double press when on will bring you to turbo mode, and the "moon" lighting option (two lumens) is accessed by long pressing the metal side button when it's off. Unlike other OLIGHT models, double-clicking the side button when the flashlight is off is how you access the UV light, while typically that's a quick shortcut to the turbo mode at any time. This took a bit of getting used to, but after a day or two, I was transitioned well and using the Seeker 4 Mini like a pro with its various lighting modes.

In the end, the OLIGHT Seeker 4 Mini is a compact flashlight that's chock full of features and packs a punch. With up to 1,200 lumens of brightness and a maximum of 12 days of runtime (with a typical usage of just over five hours), the Seeker 4 Mini delivers plenty of light wherever you aim it. Combine that with the UV light that's built-in, the dual-sided clip, and the sub-3.5-inch build, and you have a solid EDC light to keep on you every day. Plus, it's even on sale at launch for 30% off. That's right, to celebrate the launch right now, the OLIGHT Seeker 4 Mini is available starting tomorrow for $55.99 shipped in all colors and temperatures, with a normal retail price of $80 that’ll come into play after June 8.

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