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Jun 8, 2023

City of Lakes Garden Club – Garden Party & Plant Swap

To the Editor:

A Garden Party & Plant Swap is a great way to expand your garden, and it's free. The purpose of a garden party is to gather with other garden lovers, plant parents, and bring one or many items to trade. Here are a few examples of what to bring:

• Extra garden produce or rhubarb stalks to share

• Strawberry or rhubarb plants

• Flower seeds from your flower garden or seed packets

• Garden Flowers & Plants – it's a great time to thin out peonies, iris, daylilies, hosta, etc.

• Flower bulbs

• House plants, pots

•Dried flowers or cut flowers

• Home-canned vegetables/fruit/jellies, etc. (please list any food allergens and follow food safety guidelines)

• Canning jars that you no longer need

• Gardening containers/nursery pots for potting plants (not broken or cracked)

• Gardening tools in working condition that you don't use anymore

• Unique decor for your garden (unusual pots, yard ornaments, antique items)

• Gardening books or magazines (no catalogs, please!)

• No plant to swap, no problem. Plants will be available to take in exchange for a donation.

You may take home as many items as you bring to the party. If you bring 3 items, you may take home 3 different items. If you bring a plant/bulbs or seeds, please label your item(s) with the name of plant and your name. If there is special information to share about the plant, such as growing conditions, color, size, etc. please include that also. It is fun to remember who your new plant came from.

Be sure to check out what else is in store during the Garden Party:

• Crafts for Kids and those who are "young-at-heart"

• Silent auction of gardening related items

• Door prize. Be sure to check-in/register to get your entry slip when you arrive at the party

• Light refreshments

The Garden Party and Plant Swap event will be held 9-11 a.m. Saturday, June 10, in the open shelter at Lincoln Park in Fairmont. Please join us even if you do not have an item to trade. Join in on the fun, meet new friends and have some light refreshments. Bring a friend. This is a rain or shine event. Start your day off with us. Drop in for a little while or stay all morning, then head downtown to the Borderline Cruisers Car Show, Prairie Star Vintage Quilt Show, and finish up your afternoon at Gomsrud Park for more of the fun Interlaken Heritage Days events. The grand parade is at 6 p.m. Street dance and beer garden follow the parade at 8 p.m. in Sylvania Park.

Please call or text your questions about the Garden Party & Plant Swap to Leslie Walkowiak at 651-895-6578. The Garden Party & Plant Swap is sponsored by the City of Lakes Garden Club of Fairmont, MN. Find us on Facebook at City of Lakes Garden Club Group of Fairmont, MN.

Leslie Walkowiak


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