Oct 19, 2023

30 Walmart Products For The Most Comfortable Backyard

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Price: $24.97

Promising review: "Love my pool!! Super easy setup! Surprised at how actually BIG it is inside......fits five to six adults comfortably to sit and sip drinks and keep cool in the pool! Summer in Texas is gonna be HOT!" —Rebecca

Price: $184.99 (originally $218.72)

Promising review: "This chair is so nice! I bought two for my balcony, and we love them. The cushions are plush and comfy with just the right amount of softness. The base is stable, and it's effortless to assemble. Takes about five minutes. We spend hours in these chairs every day. It feels like a private cocoon without being cut off from what's happening around you. I go out in the morning and start my day watching the sun rise over the ocean, soaking up the fresh air and relaxing in my egg chair." —Nikki

Price: $297 (originally $347, available in four colors)

Promising review: "This sectional set was perfect for creating our outdoor oasis. Easy to put together. Made our backyard cozy. We didn't like that you had to stack the two pieces of seating together to use the outdoor cover. However, we just bought another cover so we didn't have to take it apart. We’ve had this set for about six months and it's held up along with the cushions (we do keep it covered when not using). Our guests love it; perfect for entertaining. Definitely recommend if you would like an outdoor oasis of your own." —Priscilla

Price: $797 (originally $897; available in two colors)

Promising review: "Waaaaaaay better than the Margaritaville machine! —brianna

Price: $89 (available in five colors)

Promising review: "This tent deserves all the stars after what we put it through last weekend. It was our first trip with this tent, and the setup was easy enough after we figured out what we were doing. The rain fly seemed secure, and we made sure to stake it down securely. Let me tell ya, we’re glad we took the time to make sure it was staked well because of what happened overnight. We were hit with a series of storms, including an EF-3 tornado 1 mile away from the park we were at in West Point, Georgia. There were major wind gusts, hail, torrential downpours for hours on end and extreme lightning. The tent did not leak at all, even though we experienced a flash flood. Our camping trip was ruined, our nerves were shot (we had to shelter in the bathrooms with 15 other people during the tornado), and our kayaks nearly washed away, but the tent held together like a champ. I shouldn't expect anything at this price point to hold up in those extreme conditions, but it did." —Robert

Price: $99

Promising review: "SO EXCITED to receive this table! It is a major staple in our household. I have found that this table ALWAYS comes in handy! We love using it for tailgating, yard parties, extra storage, etc!!!" —Danielle

Price: $55

Promising review: "Love it! Easy to set up (who am I kidding? I have no idea. My husband did that but I didn't hear any complaining)! We have been enjoying this firepit on the patio every night! Looks great!" —Monica

Price: $398

Promising review: "We have bought this several years in a row. It lasts all summer, but we toss it at the end of the season to avoid mold/freezing/etc issues. (We do save the ducks, though). Out of all the splash pads we have tried, the kids love this one the most year after year. Great price!!" —Dc2019

Price: $11.98

Promising review: "Perfect for this spring and summer! It can splash high for older kids, too. I had to turn it down very low for my 13-month-old. She absolutely loved it!" —Jessie

Price: $17.72

Price: $34.98 (originally $39.99)

Promising review: "Our family loves Twister Splash! It's the perfect way to take a fun game into the outdoors and beat the heat. It's easy to set up and the mat is plenty big for my whole family to play." —Debra

Price: $13.98 (originally $24.98)

Price: $34.94 (originally $38.94)

Promising review: "These are beautiful at a great price! Love the look that's not too bright but lights up my backyard. Thanks to the reviewer who recommended taking out the bulbs before hanging them so as not to break them. If I hadn't done that they would have been smashed to bits from my dropping the sets while trying to hang them. All the bulbs worked and there were two extra bulbs with each set. Very pleased." —Bloomfield4

Price: $13.78

Promising review: "One of my best purchases ever! The grandkids love sitting outside watching movies. It's very easy to assemble." —Minnie

Price: $169.99 (originally $279.99)

Promising review: "I purchased this projector for movie nights with the kids. The unit is compact and can be easily moved from inside to outside. The battery backup is a nice feature as well allowing the kids to pay videos with their phone and stay completely cordless. We have really enjoyed playing movies on the wall inside the house and outside on a make-shift screen. The projector works best when the room is really dark. The image is bright and very clear. The projector is truly plug and play. I have attached an Amazon Firestick, Apple TV as well as an xBox to the unit. They all worked great. There are no menus to scroll through. Just plug in the HDMI cable, and the projector is on. I like to connect to a Bluetooth speaker for a sound that matches the large movie size. We watched Spiderman with the projector, Apple TV and a Bluetooth speaker and it was amazing.

Everything is super simple. It's easy to connect and focus the image. The keystone adjustment corrects for a warped image if the projector isn't 100% perpendicular with the projector image. We set up the projector a little low and it angles at the wall. The keystone adjustment makes it look straight with a perfect rectangle image. It has a little tabletop tripod, USB-C charging cable with wall brick, and an HDMI cable. I didn't know what to expect when I ordered this projector. I was nervous that the small size meant sacrificing quality. I was pleasantly surprised that the projector is so bright and sharp. Very satisfied." —James

Price: $99.99 (originally $124.99)

Promising review: "Where do I start? This grill is the perfect size for a family of four. I got this for a heck of a deal and it's definitely worth at least a few hundred dollars. Installation by myself took about an hour and a half. Although if you had two people I'm sure it would only take 30 minutes. Instructions were fairly simple to put together. I just grilled for the first time in this baby gets hot pretty fast. Definitely a wonderful grill for our family and I would highly recommend it to anybody who needs a quality product at a great price." —Dude

Price: $197

Promising review: "Great solution for outdoor grill prep and serving. Love the convenience of having all my food and supplies ready right next to my grills and smoker. I can stay outside with my family, with no more running inside and out... I can stay in the moment!" —George

Price: $214

Solar-powered and wind-resistant, this inconspicuous, Bluetooth-compatible device will last 12 hours on a full charge and gives off Disneyland vibes that I am personally living for.

Promising review: "This product is very sturdy and has really good sounds. And it helps that it's waterproof and solar!" —GoodWorker

Price: $104.15+ (available in two colors)

I got a few bubble kits for a backyard birthday party for my father, so the kids would have something to play with. Once I showed them how to make bubbles, they spent the entire party playing. The bubbles last a long time and all 13 kids got a chance to make giant bubbles. Some of the bubbles lasted long enough to soar through the air into the next yard. They've become a party staple.

Promising review: "You don't know bubbles until you try these bubbles. Be prepared. it takes a whole cup of dish soap for one pack of the magic bubbles. One pack makes a gallon. You'll want to do this outside because you'll be dripping everywhere. Even so.... you won't mind the mess when you see the giant bubbles you make. We made 10-foot-long giant bubbles. The bubbles last a long time floating. The bubble solution lasts a long time. Easier to use than another giant bubble wand I bought earlier. My grandson is 4 years old and (supervised) he was making bubbles bigger than him. As an adult, I love making them as well. I highly recommend this product. If I could, I would give this 10 bubbles...I mean 10 stars. Lol" —Elise

Price: $19.99

The stand is *not* included but you can snag one here.

Promising review: "So thrilled we took a chance on this hammock! It's perfect for our needs. It may not be as thick or stitched as well as hammocks two or three times the price, but definitely worth the cost. We have it on a 14-foot hammock stand with the chains it came with. It can hold tall adults! The pillow is thin, but it's secured with four sewn-in buttons, which is pretty cool." —Brandi

Price: $39.37+ (originally $45.97, available in three colors)

Promising review: "For the price of this set, you can't beat it. I love the red! It's super quick and easy to put together. Umbrella is a bit hard to open sometimes but that is literally my only complaint. It's a simple but very comfortable set. If you're looking for something that looks good without spending a ton of money, BUY THIS!" —Sierra

Price: $124 (available in five colors)

Just inflate the interior pouf and stick it inside the printed, water-resistant cover.

Promising review: "Perfect for our new outdoor patio. Wanted something to rest your feet on when sitting around our fire pit and these are perfect. Light and easy to move around. Just what were looking for. Great color selections and seems to be good quality." —Shoegirl31

Price: $29.99 (available in four colors)

Promising review: "I put this side awning up due to neighbors who find it necessary to stare into other people's yards to see what's going on. Well, I'm definitely a happy camper! Set up was extremely easy as long as you have a power drill. It looks great too and you can't see through it which is a big plus. It also helps block some of the afternoon sun which at the moment is brutal. We are planning on buying another one so we can pretty much have the deck enclosed. So happy with this purchase!" —Kathleen

Price: $101.99+ (available in four sizes and three colors)

Promising review: "Perfect for making and serving fresh lemonade and tea." —Clifton

Price: $26.91 (originally $35.99)

Promising review: "We love our new deck box. It was super easy to install, the color is true to picture, a lot of space and the controlled opener is super neat. To open, just slightly lift the top and it will open fully itself. It rained all day yesterday and all out pillows and cushions inside stayed dry! Highly recommend!" —Susana

Price: $148.99+ (available in two colors)

Promising review: "Beautiful palm leaf print goes well with tropical beachy decor. Lightweight and easy to clean as well. Looks fabulous on my porch." —Jack

Price: $57+ (available in three sizes)

Promising review: "Love it! Sturdy and well made. Ample size and nice bright pop of color." —2boyzmome

Price: $47.97

Promising review: "Perfect size for the yard and for my 3-year-old and 6-year-old! Took about four hours with two people to put together. All the pieces were there and it was easy to assemble. All in all worth the buy for what we were looking for! Super happy!" —Pjs

Price: $279 (originally $399)

Promising review: "Was easy to assemble (it took less time than the manual said). The instructions were written clearly and in a humorous style that made it fun and enjoyable. We have many users (including our children and neighbors) and it's doing well!" —Tovia

Price: $165.99

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