Nov 09, 2023

BLUETTI Launches AC60&B80: Revolutionary Power Stations for Australian Outdoor Enthusiasts

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08 Jun, 2023, 05:00 CST

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SYDNEY, June 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- BLUETTI, a leading provider of innovative power solutions, will release its latest power station combo, the AC60&B80, on June 8 in the Australian market. With IP65-rated protection and a 6-year warranty, the AC60&B80 is set to change how people experience off-grid living.

Introducing the BLUETTI AC60

The AC60 is the world's first professional outdoor mobile power station, offering 600W power and 403Wh battery storage. With an IP65 rating and expandability with B80 batteries, the AC60 is the ultimate power source for various outdoor activities.

Water&Dust Protection

Due to an improved internal structure, sealed outlets, and a solid case, it's IP65 rated to withstand water splashes and dust from any angle, perfect for overlanding, beach camping, boating, and more.

Flexible Fast Charging

The AC60 supports multiple charging from a wall outlet, car, lead-acid battery, or solar panels. With 600W Turbocharging, it can go from 0% to 100% in just one hour, ensuring a quick replenishment for any situation.

Good Mobility

At just 9.1kg and in a toolbox-like size, the AC60 is the perfect adventure companion. Its solid folding handle ensures easy transportation and allows it to fit effortlessly into tight spaces.

Introducing the BLUETTI B80

To complement the AC60, the 9.88kg B80 uses the same reliable LFP cells which are safer and remain 80% after 3,000 life cycles. Two B80s, 806Wh each, can expand the capacity of AC60 to a maximum of 2,015Wh. It also can serve as a power bank for other BLUETTI models like EB3A, EB70, and AC180.

Independent Power Supply

More than an additional battery, the B80 can work as a stand-alone DC power source with three DC ports: USB-A, USB-C, and a car outlet. It can be recharged separately by an AC adapter and solar panels or in conjunction with the AC60.


Pre-orders for the AC60 and B80 combo on the Australia website will start June 8 with a limited-time early bird price until June 22.


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