May 08, 2023

Camping Hacks To Use This Summer

Summertime is coming in hot and travelers are looking for fun-filled activities to do with the whole family. When folks are burnt out on excursions and thrills, sometimes what they need is a little time in nature. Camping is an excellent way to connect with the earth while also having a wonderful time.

Time flies fast and, depending on where you’re headed, outdoor camping season may be limited. You can make the most of your next outdoor expedition by following these camping hacks that will make your next outing fun, safe, and efficient as you commune with Mother Nature.

Although it may not be common knowledge, you can make your own hanging lantern with a fishing line and a slingshot. You can find an inexpensive solar lantern at most stores.

Use your fishing line to pull the lantern up to the right height before tying it off on a tree for extra light around your camp. This may not be the best idea if you are using gas lanterns that could damage the tree. Keep fire safety at the top of your mind anytime you’re using fire while camping in the woods.

In the camping Reddit thread, many users preferred camping in their cars instead of outside in tents. One man described removing the backseat from his car to build a sleeping platform for outdoor adventures with his family.

"The wife and doggo feel much safer sleeping now than before in our little tent, he said. I don't get woken up 3x a night with ‘What was that?’, ‘Is that coyotes?’ or the dog pacing."

If you’re unsure about the safety of your camping areas, don't hesitate to pivot and use your car as a tent of protection from the elements.

Of course, you should bring a flashlight on a camping trip. However, what flashlight is the best for outdoor thrills?

Many seasoned campers suggest bringing a hybrid flashlight and firestarter to get the most for your money. Most of these devices also have USB outlets to help you keep your electronics charged.

Long days hiking through the woods require water and food. If you plan on cooking while camping, a nifty hack is to bring along chopsticks. Chopsticks take up significantly less space than forks and spoons. Save space by eating with chopsticks.

Did you know that you can create your own bathroom while camping outdoors? Well, maybe not an entire restroom, but you definitely can create makeshift toilets for when you’re sleeping outside.

One method is to take a 5-gallon bucket, line it with a garbage bag, and add in some kitty litter. Add more bags with litter in them until you have several layers to make a temporary toilet that comes in handy during the late nights outside.

While meal prep may not be for everyone, it especially comes in handy when you intend to cook while camping. Cooking outdoors can be tedious. There are bug attacks, limited access to kitchen tools, and limited control of the fire.

Meal prepping food will save campers time when everyone is ready to eat. Instead of trying to season meat and chop vegetables under the hot sun, prep everything beforehand and put it in your cooler.

This may sound crazy but cotton balls dipped in Vaseline are excellent fire starters. All you need to do is melt some petroleum jelly and dip a bunch of cotton balls into the liquid. Place all of the wet cotton balls back into the Vaseline jar. When it's time to start a fire, add a few cotton balls to your fire and it will keep it going an extra five minutes.

If you or your family are avid campers, organizing your camping necessities in large, stackable bins or tubs will save you a headache later. Depending on what type of camping you’re doing, you may need a lot of stuff for a successful trip.

Separate all of your camping supplies into categories. For example, plastic ware, cooking utensils, and napkins would all go into a bin labeled ‘Cooking’ and the fishing pole, bait, and blankets would go into a bin labeled ‘Fishing.’ This will help you once you arrive at the campground to find what you need without having to dig through everything you brought along.

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