Jul 05, 2023

Celgard Takes Another Step in Energy Storage Growth as It Forms Strategic Alliance with Lithion Battery for Next

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07 Jun, 2023, 09:00 ET

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Celgard, LLC (Celgard), a subsidiary of Polypore International, LP (Polypore), is pleased to announce a newly formed strategic alliance with Lithion Battery, Inc. (Lithion), whereby the two companies will undertake joint development of battery separators for next generation lithium-ion cells with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cathode material. Through this collaborative effort, the companies will meet the ever-growing demand of supplying consistent power to those in need with energy storage systems (ESS) for uses such as micro-grid power applications. The cells could also be deployed in medical tools and military and industrial markets, where Celgard has been providing separator solutions for decades.

"Celgard® dry-process battery separator technology will support safe and reliable li-ion battery cells powering ESS."

Through the agreement, Celgard will provide 100% of a long-term supply of lithium-ion battery separators to Lithion for use in their factories in Henderson, Nevada as well as their future 7GWh Gigafactory to be commissioned by 2026, primarily for ESS applications. Celgard will have the first opportunity to supply next-generation battery separator solutions to Lithion for all new battery developments.

Stefan Reinartz, Celgard's vice president of lithium-ion electric drive vehicle (EDV) and energy storage systems (ESS) business, said: "We look forward to further advancing Celgard® dry-process battery separator technology alongside Lithion with the end goal of providing safe and reliable solutions for ESS."

Celgard's parent company, Asahi Kasei, may also support Lithion's cell manufacturing requirements and will explore opportunities to leverage its diversified international manufacturing base to support the global LFP supply chain needs for plastics and thermal retardant materials.

About Celgard and Polypore

Celgard specializes in solvent-free, coated and uncoated, dry-process microporous membranes used as separators that are a major component of lithium-ion batteries. Celgard's battery separator technology is important to the performance of lithium-ion batteries for electric drive vehicles, energy storage systems and other applications.

Celgard, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Polypore International, LP, an Asahi Kasei Company.

Polypore is a global company with facilities in nine countries specializing in microporous membranes used in electric and nonelectric vehicles, energy storage systems and specialty applications. Visit and

About Lithion Battery

Lithion is a vertically integrated manufacturer of primary & secondary battery cells, rechargeable & non-rechargeable battery packs and battery modules.

They have two 80,000 square foot facilities, with one operating as a fully automated production line dedicated to cell and battery pack assembly, located in Henderson, Nevada.

Lithion works closely with OEM and end users to provide custom, power solutions for critical applications where reliability is paramount. They offer a full range of in-house engineering, design, and testing capabilities - providing one-stop, comprehensive energy & power solutions. Visit


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