Nov 28, 2023

HYXiPOWER showcases a full lineup of PV, energy storage and charging products at SNEC 2023

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SHANGHAI , June 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Zhejiang Hyxi Technology Co., Ltd. ("HYXiPOWE R "), a hi gh-tech renewable energy company that focuses on smart PV & ESS, integrates research & development, manufacturing, and sales, made an impressive appearance at the recently concluded 16th International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition (SNEC 2023), at which it showcased a full lineup of photovoltaic (PV Inverters), energy storage and V2G products . Themed "The Green Future Is Now", the array of innovative solutions incorporating cutting-edge technologies positions HYXiPOWER as a renewable energy industry.

Technology leads the future

Given the complexity and diversity of clean energy application scenarios, it is imperative for devices to be embody qualities such as safety, reliability, portability, user-friendliness, efficiency, and intelligence. Understanding the significance of these requirements within the renewable energy sector, HYXiPOWER has raised the bar across the board, by expanding the focus beyond device safety and reliability to encompass data network security, optimizing not only device efficiency but also system efficiency, and enhancing both installation convenience and streamlined human-machine interfaces with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered power electronics . The effort has resulted in the creation of a comprehensive range of PV Inverters, storage and V2G products and solutions that are secure, reliable, efficient, convenient and intelligent.

Safe and Reliable – Full-Chain Quality and Reliability Assurance System with Global Endogenous Network Data Security

HYXiPOWER's technical team, with expertise spanning multiple domains, including power topology, algorithm control, and intelligent cloud platforms, has successfully developed numerous core technologies. They have also established over 300 testing capabilities at both system-level and device-level, including industry-leading labs for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), RF, failure analysis, and HALT.

In parallel, HYXiPOWER maintains a vigilant stance towards critical network security risks, ensuring comprehensive data security and privacy protection throughout the entire lifecycle, with the aim of creating an all-inclusive industry-leading defense system.

Convenient and User-Friendly – The Expert Design Team Incorporates Industrial Aesthetics to Deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience

The design team's dedication to craftsmanship is evident in the company's product series that feature sleek minimalist appearance and modern technologies. Notably, several HYXiPOWER products have won the MUSE Design Awards, a prestigious industrial design accolade in North America .

With user-friendliness in mind, HYXiPOWER's lab team has embraced a user-centric approach, meticulously developing micro inverters with attachment points or hooks that enable effortless single-handed operation. Additionally, the team has pioneered industry-first energy storage and string inverters equipped with grab handles, significantly streamlining handling operations for both users and installers.

Global Efficiency – Maximizing Return on Investment by Enhancing Device and System Efficiency

HYXiPOWER has improved device efficiency by utilizing a high-precision maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm, efficient topology, and adaptive control algorithms. These enhancements are further complemented by the application of research on wide temperature, low-loss magnetic devices. Moreover, the energy solution provider has incorporated several advanced technologies, including power grid situational awareness, prediction technology, intelligent scheduling and control, and smart operation and maintenance. These advancements collectively optimize power generation and system efficiency across multiple devices.

AI - AI Empowers Power Electronics Technology for Optimal System Operation in All Scenarios

Products: The AI impedance reshaping algorithm enhances grid compatibility by utilizing intelligent IV diagnosis and analysis in tandem with smart fault detection to identify power grid faults.

Platforms: Leveraging an intelligent energy management model as well as power generation and load forecast technologies, HYXiPOWER has created an optimal economic operation strategy to maximize power generation.

HYXiPOWER's Full Lineup of PV, Energy Storage and Charging Products

During SNEC 2023, HYXiPOWER displayed a full lineup of products for household, industrial, and commercial scenarios, comprising three inverters (micro, energy storage, and string), two energy solutions (energy storage and V2G), and one cloud platform.

The full array of module-level micro inverters (1-in-1, 2-in-1 and 4-in-1) offers a DC oversizing ratio of 150%, enabling enhanced safety. With an industry-leading conversion efficiency of up to 96.7%, and a low start-up voltage of 20V, the inverters enhance power generation while maintaining grid compatibility with a harmonic current of less than 3%. Moreover, the inverters support multiple communication methods, including WiFi and Sub-1G, catering to diverse application scenarios.

The Hybrid and string inverter lineup showcases notable features, including single-phase and three-phase inverters tailored for residential use, as well as three-phase inverters designed for industrial and commercial applications. The solutions incorporate AI technology that enhances safety by intelligently and effectively monitoring product information and identifying risks. In particular, the AI-enhanced arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) enables quicker and more accurate identification and detection of arc faults with a range of up to 200m and a rapid shutdown within 0.5 seconds. AI is also utilized in I-V Curve Diagnosis for faster fault location. Additionally, HYXiPOWER's stacked residential energy storage batteries employ A+ grade lithium iron phosphate cells, automotive-grade battery management system (BMS) solutions, and automotive-grade production processes, prioritizing comprehensive user safety.

HYXiPOWER's intelligent cloud platform, one of the company's flagship products, seamlessly combines data collection, real-time monitoring, intelligent alarms, remote control, efficient operation and maintenance, remote upgrading, and operational analysis. The platform features a user-friendly visual interface, supported by an intelligent operation and maintenance backend, enabling real-time monitoring of inverters, modules, and batteries while streamlining management for simplicity and accuracy. Adding new power station equipment has never been easier - just a click away, with an intuitive configuration process. Leveraging the physical model protocol, the platform maximizes data utilization.

Furthermore, HYXiPOWER has also rolled out multiple innovative products worldwide, including a 100kWh/200kWh all-in-one outdoor air-cooled cabinet, a new 372kWh liquid-cooled battery cabinet, a 30KW single-gun wall-mounted V2G, a 60KW double-gun floor-stand V2G, the DCS smart communication stick, and the DMU data collector.

Industry Recognition

During the exhibition, HYXiPOWER entered into strategic cooperation agreements with TÜV SÜD and Bureau Veritas (BV) and obtained certification from TÜV SÜD for its product series. At the same time, the firm has established cooperative intents with numerous domestic and international industry partners, fully demonstrating the reliability and industry recognition of its offerings.

A promising future awaits

In the future, HYXiPOWER will maintain its commitment to creating greater value for customers and partners through continuous innovation in technology and development of high quality products. The company also plans to enhance its capabilities in product development and services to better serve its customers worldwide. With a mission of advance the application of green energy, HYXiPOWER eagerly anticipates building a brighter future.

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