Jun 30, 2023

This little EDC flashlight can be powered 2 ways for ultimate convenience

NEWS – Quite often when we review rechargeable flashlights, people complain that they aren't as convenient as regular old-school battery-powered flashlights. So today, I have a flashlight for you that has the best of both worlds. It's the RovyVon E5 Angel Eyes flashlight, which has a built-in Li-po that can be recharged via USB-C, and it can also use one AAA battery. That means if you happen to be away from a power source or lose your USB-C cable, you can pop in a AAA battery and still use the flashlight. There is a drawback to using a AAA though. Unlike the Lithium Polymer battery which allows a max of 500 lumens, the max lumens when powered with a AAA battery is only 70. Ouch. You can't have it all though, right? Want one? Head over to Amazon, where you can order one for $41.32.

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