Oct 31, 2023

Never be in the dark with $20 off this powerful 8

There are flashlights, and then there are utility flashlights: The ultra-bright kind that you want when you’re doing repairs or making your way through the woods at night. Traditionally, these industrial-strength lights have been oversized rods as big as a billy club, but no more. The 8-in-1 MaxLight Mini puts this kind of power into a package you can fit on your keychain.

In terms of power, we’re talking 800 lumens on the highest setting. That's enough to outshine your average cellphone flashlight mode by 30 times, which makes it perfect for any kind of emergency.

The design is what really sets it apart, though. It's magnetic, which means you can attach it to car hoods or metal tabletops. There's a hook for hanging, which doubles as a kickstand for upright lighting. There's even a mounting hole if you need an impromptu camera light.

Take home a 2-pack of the MaxLight Mini now for $32.97, more than $20 off the original MSRP of $54.

8-in-1 MaxLight Mini Super Bright Utility Flashlight (2-Pack) – $32.97

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8-in-1 MaxLight Mini Super Bright Utility Flashlight (2-Pack) – $32.97